App runs on Android Version 7, 8, 9, but not 6

App runs on Android Version 7, 8, 9, but not 6

Hello, My app runs fine on android versions 7, 8 and 9, but when I open the same apk on my htc desire, merely the splashscreen runs, after which it immediately crashes without even opening the main scene at all. Are there changes I must make to the android manifest?

why not hook it to your computer, turn on developer mode and USB debugging and debug the app and view the console for the crash?

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I did do that immediately when the error occurred but to no avail as it seems Android V6 devices are not compatible with AS, as they said

My HTC One M7 with Android 6 works with Android Studio 3.5.1, although I did have to re-install Android Studio v3.5.1 fresh since the update from 3.4 to 3.5.1 really messed things up, and it wouldn’t recognise any device.

I have a few Android 6 devices and I’m functioning fine on a clean install of AS

thank you ever so much for your responses @R101 and @slackmoehrle, I would have to take your word for it, I’ll see if I can get a log.

Previously, I had AS V3.4.1, I have updated to AS V3.5.1 now, so I can get a log for my android version 6 device hopefully, but to do so i would need to plug it in to my PC and build, only, I can’t build it seems, so I merely ask, is there anything wrong with this extract that I found in app/.cxx/ndkBuild/arm64-v8a/build_commandI can’t find it on the github, I have no benchmark and it’s incredibly critical

Executable : C:\Users\raedi\Desktop\android-ndk-r20\ndk-build.cmd
arguments : 

You use NDK r20 which is too new for old Android.
Please try NDK r17 or r17c

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Good point.

Thank you for your time, it didn’t work unfortunately. I used CAPONE’s help here: Android Studio: Native build fails after and upgrade

Now the AS works, I will see what the logcat says when I run to a 32-bit android version 6 device, so I can understand what to do to achieve adaptability, hopefully I won’t have to respond to this topic, but I will if I have to,

thanks all.

Have you try add “armeabi-v7a” to build? In my project, I add this line to file in my project:

Hope this helps, I had an incredibly large asset (6000+px X 5000+px). This prevented my app from opening on a 32bit device. Reducing it’s size resolved the issue, and now my app is conciliated

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How did you get away with that even on 64bit mobile devices? The maximum texture size on newer devices is 4096x4096, and if you want to support all devices, then 2048x2048 is perhaps even the safer choice. If at any point you start getting complaints about black or non-visible textures, the texture size will most likely be the problem (if you’re using anything over 2048x2048).

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Might have tested on PC? I think a modern PC has 8K/16K texture capabilities.

As a warning to all newer mobile devs, I would always stick to a 2048 texture to be safe, and have a hardware check on texture capabilities if you want 4K (4096) textures.

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