APK expansions file

APK expansions file

Hello, excuse me for my poor english. Let’s introduce myself.

I use cocos2dx 3.17

Thanks for reading

I achieved a very big game (4 years to code by myself), perhaps the biggest game developed with cocos (I’m joking), it is a kind of clash of clan in western fantasy mode. All is working fine on IOS, the game is in beta test with some of my friends for 2 years but I removed so much bug that it was a good decision to wait for release) , I made so much work that I’m afraid of bug and I prefer to test a lot before to put on the store. Anyway when I started my idea was to launch only on IOS but I changed my goal since the reality is that android is 85% of the market, any way after solved a lot of problem with gradle, ndk, sdkbox and the million of parameters you have to set in android I’m wasting my time with a stupid problem:

I know that if my app is more than 100MB (my game is 300MB) I have to add an OBB file with my resources. My problem is that I don’t know why but I do not achieve this last point. My game is running in debug mode without crashing, and the release build without bug. So my question is:

  • I have a folder /resources where I put all my my atlas (pvr.ccz file), wave, font… In debug mode I take directly inside and all is working fine in release mode I remove the atlas per (250 MB) and I add all theses files in a zip that I rename OBB. So I have a file www_test-release.apk with source code and some files from resources folder and an other one with all my atlas in main.1.org.cocos2dx.www_test.obb (It is a zip file that I changed in OBB)

1/ What I have to do to test this in debug mode?

2/ Can I put some file like wave, font in resources folder that will be added in my main apk and put the biggest file in the obb file? What I have to do for my app look in resource and also in obb file? Is it automatic with coco 3.17?

3/ What I have to do in release mode differently than in debug mode?

Please could you help me step by step.

thank you very much

You can upload the apk to Google Play as an alpha test track app. Then it will not be visible in Google Play, and you can test it as if it were a production app.

in ioapi.h CCPlatformConfig.h is not included, so when static voidpf ZCALLBACK fopen64_file_func (voidpf opaque, const void* filename, int mode) try to open a file it return always null

is it a normal behavior?