Apk analysis files

Apk analysis files
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Hi everyone , While I’m working on my game i found after generating a signed apk , after going to major steps to compress it and reduce it’s size , that after unzipping the Apk … it contains lib folder containing libcocos2d.so file that is way big on any smart phone … the apk is a compressed file and if you’re done compressing it , after it’s been installed the size is more than doubled ,

so how can we reduce the size of this file as much as we can ?



I am going to ask out engineering team to take a look at your question.


There is no way to reduce the so size after it’s installed and extracted to system.
Android system needs the full decompressed so file located in system for loading.


@Abulbisht did you use CPP, Lua or Javascript? If you use CPP, then i think the linker will remove codes that are not used. If you use script, then you should not link the binding codes that you don’t need.


I’m actually using Javascript , you mean Jsb files ?


Oh, if using JSB, then i think there is not good way, since it doesn’t breaking binding codes into different modules.


Sorry, you are using Cocos Creator, then the things may be different. @jare is JSB has modules now, then you can choose to use which module?


Yes, Creator 1.7 will strip unused JSB modules to reduce some file size.