API reference page missing?


Then I go to:


I get page 404.

Its true that sometimes pages vanish from website, You should message @slackmoehrle . However, you can always use the internet archive website whenever you get 404 https://archive.orginternet archive website

@goluckygo the first link works for me.

The second we are restructuring some URLs http://www.cocos2d-x.org/docs/creator/api/en/

Edit: I made the second link re-direct properly now as well.

For example,

I did the following search on archive website.
“Cocos creator extension”, shown in the image, it doesn’t really give me results like how google does.

In google, it takes me to this page:


This link shows 404. @slackmoehrle

ok, thanks, I see the issue and I will fix this so all links of this type work again. I apologize we re-organized the docs again and we probably should have tested this more.

@goluckygo you dont “search” the waybackmachine. You paste in the link directly eg

Try it again but the page wasn’t there in the wayback machine.

The doc you want is here http://www.cocos2d-x.org/docs/creator/manual/en/extension/your-first-extension.html