Anyone interested in integrating SDK? [Paid]

Anyone interested in integrating SDK? [Paid]

I have a game made in cocos creator , I want to integrate some ad sdk’s in xCode exported project.
Basically I want to add MoPub and through MoPub mediation implement AppLovin, AdMob, Audience Network, AppLovin, IronSource and Vungle ad networks.

If anyone has experience then please let me know as soon as possible, DM me your pricing as well.

Have you considered using SDKBOX for any of this?

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SDKBOX is out dated I guess and I’m not sure if there is API which uses mediation.
I tried to install SDKBOX through cocos creator interface but it stuck at loading

I know how to integrate ads in xCode project and use JS to objective-C calls to trigger in game events to ads but there is one ad network which is bothering me for past 4 days to integrate it in xcode project and that is MoPub, I not even able to initialize it with only 3 lines of code as it throws exception on initialization line

I tried to implement MoPub in empty xCode project and it works fine there but it does not work in Cocos Creator exported xCode project.

@slackmoehrle can you compile the project successfully as it has MoPub SDK and initialization lines only, it’s a default hello world project exported from cocos creator