Anyone had any success porting Cocos2d-Objc 2.x/3.x to work with the iPhone X resolution

I have a reasonably successful music creation app that uses Cocos2d 2.2 as its backbone. Unfortunately with Apples recent new rule that all new app updates must support iPhone X resolution this means my app is currently dead in the water. I was wondering if anyone has successfully got Cocos2d 2.x working with the iPhone X resolution? Even 3.x working would be good to know, as although migrating would be a pain at least there would be hope. I’m sure I must not be the only person in this boat? :sweat_smile:

From an obj-c standpoint, I dont know, but search the forums here we had a lot of discussion about iPhone X resolution and how to deal with it.

Support for IphoneX is pretty easy. You just need to get “safe area” insets from platform code and align your UI to it. You could merge official cocos2dx solution (look for release notes and proper commit) or do it by yourself (call platform code).

Argh, just noticed you asked about objc version.

I think conceptually though the concept is the same. I mean Cocos2d-x starts with objective-c classes so perhaps more work on these classes makes them more flexible for everyone regardless of language.

Anyone coming here looking for answers, you can find more progress here:

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