Any UI / scene editor for C++?

Any UI / scene editor for C++?
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is there any UI / scene editor which can work with latest cocos2d-x (3.14.1) c++ ?
any free or paid tool?



Not really sure, but I think Cocos Creator should have this capability by now.


CocosStudio is still ok for UI / scene editor


Yes, but you can’t download it now, and it’s not supported anymore and the cocos studio APIs might be deprecated or removed from the engine.


To download it, select “Products” menu from the main page
or just click this link


After 3.10 CocosStudio is not supported and its getting crashed randomly.
So i dont want to use that.
Are you using Cocos Studio with latest cocos2d-x version without any problem?

CocosCreator is whole different thing. Currently there is no C++ support.
C++ support is coming soon but i cannot work in that closed source for many reason.
Like suppose i have to integrate any platform specific thing myself then i cannot.


I’m not talking about using Cocos Creator for your whole project, but I know for sure that Creator can be used only as a scene editor(you can do your UI ofc) and the project can be exported for a classic LUA project, so basically it can be used just as Studio was used in older versions. I also know that they were working on a C++ reader for classic projects, but I’m not sure if they finished that or not, @ricardo was working at that parser so he might know more about the availability or eta.


Try SpriteBuilderX…


Ok, my bad.
I just found this editor.

But currently no english lang support and very early stage but looks promising.


Link pls?




We using CocosStudio with 3.13 cocos2d-x and it works great


I strongly recommend not to use CS. It’s awkward, glitchy and buggy…

I’ve created demo for SpriteBuilderX


No editor for windows…!!! :confused::neutral_face::expressionless:



I’ve had a problem “CCNode.h file not found” when i tried to build SpriteBuilderX.xcodeproj.


I can’t imagine development under windows, it’s crap. Use macOS and Xcode.


Read carefully instructions for it, it’s usually - submodules.


I do have Mac but i am running small gaming studio here so i cannot afford all Mac in my ofc.


I use Levelhelper have a look at:


After reading carefully instructions and updated submodule. I still got weird errors when trying to build project