Any news to support develop game for WeChat mini-program?

Any news to support develop game for WeChat mini-program?

WeChat just released mini-game support API.

Now it’s possible, more accessible, and sexier than before to develop game on such platform. And there are several of games released already.

Is there any plan to support developing game with cocos2d-x JS for WeChat mini-program?

PS. Lacking of ability to access majorly document, and window variable if develop for mini-program means most popular JS game frameworks out there didn’t work. Egret seems to be the first one to announce support for it (got screenshot from Chinese guy see below, if you didn’t know Chinese you can use Microsoft’s Translate, or Google Translate app to translate the image).

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The tank wars game on wechat mini program is created by using cocos2d for html. Check this article out (although in Chinese). The current state is that the engine is already ready to be used to develop. I hope PR or communication for this matter could be better, because devs never know if they didn’t follow closely to Chinese media.

And this

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