Any editor for creating effects like explosion?

Any editor for creating effects like explosion?

Hi all.

Yesterday I completed the third phase of my horizontal runner game, which is “collision detection”. So whenever my ball collides with an obstacle, it destroys and the scene stops scrolling. But I want to add an effect as well, when the ball destroys.

Which program can I use to create effects like destroying/explosion effect and export it as a spritesheet or png sequence? Thanks in advance!

I tried Effekseer but it seems complicated. what else can I use for creating a 2D explosion effect?

good question, Particle Designer seems to be well known too.

You mean this: ?

I looked at it, but it’s only for Mac I think. I’m using windows :frowning: .
Simple, prob not the easiest to use, but will probably allow you to move on and design better ones later.


Thanks @stevetranby

Thanks it looks like the best particle editor suitable with cocos2d. i made an explosion effect with this