Any differences between Vec2 and Point, in cocos2d-x3.2?

I am confused about these, sometime I just used them casually.orz

As i know, they are the same. In fact, from version 3.1 on, they use new math library (or something like that i dont remember) to support 3d sprite which using Vec3. So i recommend using Vec2 if you intend to write game from start with version 3.1+, but if you have used Point pretty much in your game, no prob, just let it be (a bit confused for whoever reading your code though :wink:)

Thank you :sunny:

They are the same. I don’t have it handy but Ricardo made mention of this a while back.

Point was refactored to Vector2 and then again to Vec2.

The others were renamed also: Math: Vector2->Vec2, Vector3->Vec3, Vector4->Vec4, Matrix->Mat4

Yep. They are same.
Keep Point is because it is widely used in previous versions.