AntiVirus Alert ! Cocos2d-x-3.17.1 on windows 10 symantec gives WS.Reputation.1 risk error

AntiVirus Alert ! Cocos2d-x-3.17.1 on windows 10 symantec gives WS.Reputation.1 risk error


Compiling the “cpp-empty-test” project using 2017 c++
im getting antivirus alerts all over about WS.Reputation.1 risk with libwebsockets.dll you compiled .
it wasn’t in the other versions …



Interesting. I don’t run Symantec products but I’l not seeing this on my Windows system with other AV protection.

I will ask the engineering team to read this thread.


That’s weird… I tried to reproduce and couldn’t.

I’m running Symantec Endpoint Protection too, and was able to build “cpp-empty-test” and got no AV warnings from SEP. I went in and played with sensitivity settings and everything. Scanning the file manually in that location does not trigger it. Are your definitions up to date? Maybe it was a false positive in an older definition?

I also notice on the screenshot that you may have it set to to alert you if the file has been seen by 5 or fewer people who are running SEP. It’s possible that’s the reason.


Scan this DLL on website, it test passed.

And see the report, it’s a warning info that this file seen by fewer than 5.... it’s because we upgrade libwebsockets on 3.17.1 release, so this file is newer.


why do i need in simple project :
uv.dll (?? what the …? its async event engine right ? which node is using …)
how can i disable loading them


libwebsockets deps uv, it was added at this upgrade.


cocos2d-x copy full dlls that may used. for example websockets.dll, cocos2d-x use it at cocos/network. if you want to build a full no network game, you can cut engine, remove all network codes, networks related libs, dlls.


I don’t have time to this …
you have to enable option in the compile time using PREPROCESSOR flags
to exclude stuff like websokct server in simple game .


no feature to divide dlls copy works for now, and no plan recently, so you need to spend some time to custom it if you must need it.

a good news is that we copy dlls depends on which libs it linked in cmake build scripts, so it’s more simple when you use cmake to build on cocos2d-x 3.17.1


Can you please give more info about removing dependencies via cmake?


sure, it’s not a hard work. in cmake world, we add dependence by the target_link_libraries cmd, so if you want to remove a dependence, firstly you should do is remove it from this cmd.

for example, remove the depend for websocket, you can remove lines:

and then you need remove to the source files depend this libs, located at


@drelaptop it would be much easier if we can enable/disable some libs with some variable in one place.
For example we already have in cocos2d-x\CMakeLists.txt


Also would be nice to disable 3D part of engine if I need only 2D.


Enable/disable does not work in practice …
For example

set(BUILD_1 ON)

(I am pretty sure that for cocos2d-x we need much more than 10 enable/disable)
But let’s say N=10 than you have 2^10=1024 possible configuration.
That means it is impossible to test all configuration with CI, and you always have configuration which does not work.

So I think that:

  1. cocos2d-x officially should support one library configuration (more or less what we have right now)
  2. It should be easy add/remove libs (I think that 3 lines change proposed by @drelaptop is OK: AntiVirus Alert ! Cocos2d-x-3.17.1 on windows 10 symantec gives WS.Reputation.1 risk error)
  3. There should be possibility to build for windows all code as static libs. Than compiler will automatically remove unused code (with dll you have to do it manually). There is attempt to this here:


Thanks, but this is not how you usually do it
please see example urho3d engine cmake

you can in the command line to control what will be compiled