Answering the questions about Cocos Creator, the engine and editor

Answering the questions about Cocos Creator, the engine and editor
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Very good news


@walzer Thanks for the info. It’s good to see you on the forum again. :grinning:


Can you write this part in this case? :wink:


Thanks for this nice answer. :grinning:


JSB improvements would be awesome :slight_smile:


It is already written:


This is all very reassuring for the future. Was beginning to think it was time to change platform. Welcome back @slackmoehrle !



I thought @KAMIKAZE doesn’t mean to hate or love any language at all.

When we face the low-level problems like memory leak or crash of the app, we really knows why we want the C/C++, not the language itself, the real problem is software stack!

Most of developers of this engine are NOT idiots, maybe sometimes the main subject distracted by other topics, but the demands were still there: How can we find the low-level bugs or defects of engine or editor? How can we extend the functions of editor to suit our need ? How fast techical supports will Cocos Creator team can provide?

If the Cocos Creator still meant to be the close-source editor, it should be prepared for those problems all users will encountered. Because they have to be responsible for that, or it will be next closed project.

Maybe some people complaints the languages, but what we really cared problems are referred as above. We don’t care about the language, we cared about the software stacks. Engine and editor created by software engineers, the unwanted bugs,too. Why the open-sourced project like Cocos2d-x can success? Because it is open-sourced, users can fix for change its implementation as soon as possible to fit their need or schedule. Not because it has a great editor or some fancy features or any great scripting language.

I know you trying to convince many people for this project. You invested so much resources to make it great. Ok, it can be great, but Unit is more great, too. Will you keep chasing it forever?Yes, forever. According current distances between Creator and Unity.

We use the ‘Premium Support’ of Unity before, they response fast, but we finally given up from it. Why? Real tough, difficult problems in developing cycle always can be solved by sources in hand. Not the forum, no matter it is driven by community or company. When we face the problem in our project, we cannot just throw it to them and wait the problem be solved. We can not find the crumbs of bugs by print something or insert the breaking points by ourselves neither. Just like entering the tunnel without exits,and can’t see any hopes.

The real, tough problems always be there, would your Creator ready for them?
Or you just want to pretend that it would not happen?


First of all, congratulation for your own company!
Your plans will be great, really, and sincerely.

You said that you have some progress in 3D renderer, is that mean you are working for a brand new 3D renderer? If so, I think most developers will appreciate that. But now is a more important question is : Will you support Vulkan in future?

Somebody say you are imitating the Unity, I don’t think so. I think you are reinventing the wheel only.


You are a genius, great


Ouh, i must learning javascript

Btw, is cocos creator support SDKBOX?


Sure, thats why developing in Xcode only. No text editors. Also, android studio should support it’s language too. I said before, if the Swift was chosen by Google as first class language for Android Studio, then conversations about C++ or JS would be absurd at all.

So, after all C++ is the best to fit all needs. JS is pushed just because this cocos2d-x is from china company and they prefer js. It serves them right, good riddance.


That’s just so simple. Ideal environment for 2d mobile games is macOS, Xcode, SpriteBuilderX(or some kind of such editor like CocosBuilder), C++ and 2D only. Nothing to add more.

As for 3D, it’s should be separated engine, forum, resource and etc., without interlacing to 2d group. Cocos2d-x was good only for 2d almost 10 years already. I’m as cocos developer will not ever use 3D.

Cloning Unity, trying to complete with it, it’s just like clone of Lexus car… making a China cheap copy-clone and sell for less money. No quality, no reliability.


Why you are so annoying? Chukong guys probably know better what is best for them, although I’m disappointed that C++ framework is not their priority.