Answering the questions about Cocos Creator, the engine and editor

Answering the questions about Cocos Creator, the engine and editor
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Community effort is ok, but what I want to see is real support to the community by the company. And this is done by spending money. You remember what the Defol team did for the GDC last year? I mean… put some money on the table (paying developers to help, write docs, grants for games, contests with awesome prizes, etc…), help developers creating AWESOME games with Creator and the rest will come.

I’ve been a business owner myself, the best type of commitment comes with money. If Chukong is going to rise more money, I want to see how they are going to spend it supporting/helping developers/game studios.


Hi @walzer,

Thank you for taking the time to answer, much appreciated it…:grinning:

May I ask, will there be any future of funding rounds , and what type of Series funding? A, B, C ? The company Xiamen Cocos Software Inc is a sister company of Chuckong? Will there by any financial support from Chuckong, supporting Xiamen Cocos Software Inc, or you’ve decided to go solo, and like you mentioned spin off?

Nice to hear that, but may I ask, if you are planning in update of web site to reflect the Cocos Branding

That would be awesome…:grinning:

That’s good to know, but would you have user / base metrics? In other words, how many users have downloaded Cocos Creator during this past year ( Mac / Windows )?

Hopefully, it won’t come to that…In my opinion, you have a good engine, Cocos Creator, is like a diamond in the rough, it just needs to be clean and polished to make it shine ( # I plan to use the new money to invest in: ) .

If you can’t answer some questions, it’s completely understandable, but it’s nice to know, that you took the time to answer to this community, and may God give you wisdom, patience, vision in implementing your plans above, to make Cocos Creator engine better for the community in general, which includes ( Asia, North America and other continents, who have thirst to make games, but don’t know yet about Cocos Creator ). Thanks again for your time, and God Bless…




Thank you for posting. Very kind of you to take the time.

I think point 4. of R&D about webassembly and the future of the web is one of the most clear-minded statements i’ve seen on the subject, and something sadly nobody seems to get.
I’m pretty sure CC will be ultra successful if you guys follow this paradigm.(wasm+js)

I agree with @amin13a on the we dont need internal code editing, VSCode is a great tool, cross-platform, and pretty much everyone is using it.

And it’s great to have @slackmoehrle back, he is one of the nicest ppl i’ve seen around these communities.

The only thing I would add is, I think you guys need to make sdk integrations more visual, clicky and clear. See unity’s services for reference.(in terms of editor integration, presentation, etc)
Also, Let’s say I go here:
and figure, oh great there is fb integration! Wait, does it work with the web export on CC, or only on an android export, and how exactly? Even though it does say it supports -x and -js i think generally the way the integrations are done, what/where exactly each feature is supported is important.

I think one of the key things that unity did is having 1st grade internal(tightly integrated) services, that are relatively well explained and really attractive for people looking to cut down on time spent on ‘extra stuff’.
On a side note, I would integrate the crap out of every single api facebook and other web portals have, for the web export. And market that big time.

Good luck to the dev team, I’ll be looking forward to future announcements, things are really promising!


That sounds really great :slight_smile:

  • pre-A.
  • Go solo and spin-off, Chukong is still our biggest shareholder. But their financial support sill stop, and we had to live by ourselves.

Yes, included. After set up an English version of, then there will be 2 options: #1 use something like, or #2 redirect to it. If Ricardo is here he will choose #1, but I also consider #2.

Thanks to all your wishes :smile:

I remember that the team has removed the built-in code editor from Creator v1.5.

AnySDK has its virtual editor, and has been built into Creator. Considering the best user experience, merging AnySDK & SDBOX into one product could be the best choice. But I had to handle some historical issues in these 2 teams.

Haha, nice! I’m glad that someone can challenge @slackmoehrle and give him some pressure.

@slackmoehrle, challenge accepted? Bring the docs to the next level.


@walzer are there any plans for support of the c++ branch of cocos2d-x when something brakes through an operating system update? thx


The Cocos2d-x v3.x will be maintained, includes performance improving, third party libraries updating, critical bugs fixing, OS update, and syncing with most features from Cocos2d-x-lite,

Cocos2d-x v3.x will be maintained for a long period after we have stable v4.x releasing one day, that is something like we had updated Cocos2d-x v2.x for a long time when Cocos2d-x v3.x has been published for more than one year.


Great thx for clarifying this :grinning:


I vote for #1. Oh wait, I’m not part of the team, I can not vote. So sad. :smile:

I am not sure if I should accept praise, especially because it was the bad side of me.

And although I still do not understand why after 4 years we have only the Programmer’s guide in its current state.
But in my last post to @slackmoehrle I meant only that he will not find much useful information in my topic, because now situation looks like this -

Many users on the forum: “The engine needs good documentation.”
Me: “Ok, I do not like this situation with documentation too. What documentation (tutorials) do you want? What documentation (tutorials) can you write?”
Users on the forum: “…”

This does not add to the motivation. And I understand if the lack of interest is one of the reasons why the promised tutorials was not finished.

I remember that I promised something too. And I will finish it. Eventually.


@walzer, I appreciate that you’re answering questions but I’m still unclear on a few things. If this has been asked and answered I apologize, I haven’t read all of the responses following your original post.

Everything listed revolves around Creator, 3D and WebAssembly. Outside of saying there will be a version 4.0 of cocos2d-x, there are no details about it. All I want to know is if in your vision of the future, Cocos2d-x will still be available as it is now to do game development without the need to use Creator? I mean actively maintained and developed as a standalone engine. I need to know if I will be able to sit down and develop a game with the latest version of cocos2d-x in c++ as I can today and publish it across platforms, without needing Creator, javascript or anything outside of the engine.



Challenge accepted. I’m going to model after and do it quickly. Nantas recommended GitBook so I am looking into how to exploit it.


We will fix the docs. This I will promise. You will see improved docs with community feedback within a quarter of a year from when I start back with Walzer and the team.

We know we need much better docs. We will make our users happy.


Hi @slackmoehrle

Nice to know that you will be fixing the doc’s, and have accepted the challenge, but there’s another horse in the race doing doc’s as well…Guess who? :grinning: God Bless and welcome back…:grinning:




I have another challenge for you. Tips/tricks and recommendations about how to work with Creator. I would love to see examples on “the best way” of doing something. When to destroy nodes? what is the impact of destroying nodes?, when to use node pool (I know that, its just an example)?, how to handle a game with many custom events? what is a healthy amount of instantiate nodes? what is the impact of a cc.Node hidden (not in screen area)? is just memory usage? what else?


It looks like a positive start to work. :slight_smile: I hope to contribute, too. If you do not mind working with me after all this, of course.


I don’t know when you started looking at the documentation, but what is there now is almost all down to @slackmoehrle - he’s also been invaluable in liaising between forum users and others, offering advice and guidance and listening to feedback from us whingers in the forum!


Welcome back @slackmoehrle


Noted. At least I have to admit that he really quickly fixed the “close-open-close-open-close” issue on the forum.


@slackmoehrle I started using CC right after you left but I’ll welcome you back anyway. I’m happy to see that CC is getting more support from it’s parent company!

  • Is all that means that c++ version will die for a while? I like js, but only as script language, not main one.
  • Is there ways to get in team? I wanna improve cocos but it’s to hard to do as hobby
  • Will be jsb improved? It’s still awfull
  • Will be added CCreator support in cocos2d-x, as like works CStudio?