Announcing Cocos Creator public beta!

Announcing Cocos Creator public beta!
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I’ve created an example project in Cocos Creator.
Now I’m trying to change label text to ‘Hello, Daddy!’… Nothing… I still see ‘Hello, World’ at browser :grimacing:

extends: cc.Component,

properties: {
    label: {
        default: null,
        type: cc.Label
    text: 'Hello, Daddy!'

// use this for initialization
onLoad: function () {
    this.label.string = this.text;

// called every frame
update: function (dt) {



Hi @nikita_cz:

I recommend you install an extension to avoid issues with browser cache. I use Local Storage Cleaner

If you are using Developer Tools, check Settings > General > Disable cache (while DevTools is open)

I hope this could help…


Hi guys.
Just a suggestion. Tutorials would be clearer if the current mapping of ‘names used in tutorial to refer to panels’ to actual IDE panel titles:
arrangement manager - Hierarchy
scene editor - Scene
resource manager - Assets
property checker - Inspector

was changed to

hierarchy manager - Hierarchy
scene editor - Scene
asset manager - Assets
property inspector - Inspector

Keep up the good work.


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Looking Cocos Creator will be really great development option for me. I like it. But may you add these features?

1-I want to add physics shapes (box or circle collider shapes) to nodes and sprites.
No: Why It really important feature for me :((
Yes: Thanks, it will be great!

2-Will you add the simple tile editor feature (example, draw sprite and node with a pen tool on the scene )
No: Why? It may be usable feature. We won’t need tile editor with that for simple tile based projects.
Yes: Omg, I’m waiting that!!

But, thanks for that. It’s looking good.


Hi guys.

Is there a way to change game orientation in Cocos Creator when publish to smartphone device?


I think you should try to see what’s your Component panel is shown for text property. The property value you set in Class definition is the default value, the real value will be the one you set in the editor’s inspector panel. Because the values in inspector will be serialized while saving and deserialized at runtime.

It will be added by June

Tilemap support will be added in v1.0

It will also be supported in v1.0

@markovitch Thanks for your suggestions


This is amazing work! thanks. I’m fairly new to cocoa2d but I’ve been coming back every few months over the last 2 years and its impressive to see its evolution from such a small group of developers. It’s impressive work and I think JS+ES6+CMD with great performance for 2D applications will see a lot of usage from developers.

I think the key will be clear examples and simple documentation for getting the environment started – there feels to be so many pieces of cocos2d and a long history, so its nice to get an updated picture on the current-best dev environment to start hacking and get rolling on a game.

As well, having a roadmap page would be nice too somewhere. And can you please have examples / texts in english as well.


HI @pandamicro,

Sorry if it is not right place to ask my question.

I have downloaded COCOS CREATOR and start with demo app but when i work with offline mode, it create issues as below:

{ [Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND] code: ‘ENOTFOUND’, errno: ‘ENOTFOUND’, syscall: ‘getaddrinfo’, hostname: ‘’, host: ‘’, port: 80 } at ClientRequest. (/Applications/ at emitOne (events.js:77:13) at ClientRequest.emit (events.js:169:7) at Socket.socketErrorListener (_http_client.js:259:9) at emitOne (events.js:77:13) at Socket.emit (events.js:169:7) at connectErrorNT (net.js:993:8) at doNTCallback2 (node.js:441:9) at process._tickCallback (node.js:355:17)

Can you please help me solve that issue? Is there any issue in setup Cocos Creator?



In offline mode, it’s normal to see these messages, the first one is the communication with our login server, the second one is the hot update request to see whether a new version is out.

Did they block any usage in Creator ? If not, you can just ignore them



I’m using Cocos Creator since a few days, and while I still have a lot to discover, I do enjoy using it more and more day after day: great job guys!!

I have a bug report and a couple of suggestions:

Bug Report (I’m using the Mac version):

  • very often, when using the build in JavaScript editor (the one opening a standalone window), it hangs after I start making some changes in the source code
    (the autocompletion did not seemed to start so I don’t think it is autocompletion related)
    (it maybe happen more often when I create variables outside cc.Class({}); block, like: var Utils = require(‘Utils’); )

It’s not a big deal as I can just kill the window related to the JavaScript Editor (which was using ~100% CPU) without exiting the project, but I wanted to mention it.

Suggestions (build related) - it would be great if it was possible to:

  • being able to start the build process from the command line
  • automatically start a pre-build script
  • automatically start a post-build script
  • specify the real build directory name, without having a platform name directory (native, web-mobile etc) added to it

Is there any git repo where is available the latest version of Cocos Creator?




Will the new version(0.8 , 0.9, 1.0, 2.0) compatible with old projects(0.71)?


Hi, I’m new at Cocos2d. I’m really interested in Cocos Creator but I’m a bit confused about that.

My most important question is: is it possible to create native games with Cocos Creator or is it only for web browser based games?



It is for JavaScript games, currently. C++ is coming. These JavaScript games can run on iOS, Desktops, Android, or a browser.

Make Cocos Studio Open Source!

Please add EXACT_FIT resolution policy for canvas in Cocos Creator also :smile:


Thank you for your suggestions, the first one is already supported in the dev version. We will discuss how to support pre & post build scripts, I also think it’s a great idea personally. The last one, you mean unified build directory for web & native ?

Yes, your project will be compatible across the versions, and for major version update, we might introduce some difference, but will also provide a upgrade tool or something.

As for now, we are in public beta, and we haven’t reach 1.0 yet, the APIs may still change, it is possible, we will give clear informations about the changes to help you fix issues caused by API change. But in any way, your project will be compatible with 1.0 and future versions.

You can still do the following manually.

cc.view.setDesignResolutionSize(960, 640, cc.ResolutionPolicy.EXACT_FIT)


I mean that the directory specified should be the one really used to put the generated files, not a directory name in which there will be an other subdirectory (like ‘native’, ‘web-mobile’ etc).

PS: How can I start the build process from the command line? I tried /Applications/ --help but it just started an other session of Cocos Creator



Oh, I see, feed back get, we will talk about it