Announcing Cocos Creator public beta!

Announcing Cocos Creator public beta!
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Creator is Fireball, they are made by same devs, Creator is the future of Fireball.


I don’t even know the roadmap yet. So I don’t know.


Do you mean hot update in native ?

If so, we have a hot update tutorial, although the documentation is still in Chinese, we will translate it later


In project level, no, Creator is an workflow oriented Editor. Cocos2d-x / JS is a code based framework, so they can’t be maintained together, but they will affect each other.


We do use babel to support ES6, without it, the ES6 code can’t work in most browsers. And it works in native platform too. In the future, it’s possible that we use other transpiler.


A. How do i configure the editor to open the game in chrome instead of IE ?

B. Error when loading the tutorial-blackjack example, other examples working fine .

[db-task][deep-query] Exception  TypeError: Cannot read property 'assetType' of null
    at i.Tasks.deepQuery (G:\dev\cpp\2d\CocosCreator_v0.7.1_win_en\CocosCreator\resources\app.asar\asset-db\lib\tasks.js:1:11192)
    at G:\dev\cpp\2d\CocosCreator_v0.7.1_win_en\CocosCreator\resources\app.asar\asset-db\index.js:1:1671
    at G:\dev\cpp\2d\CocosCreator_v0.7.1_win_en\CocosCreator\resources\app.asar\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:945:13
    at Immediate.q.process [as _onImmediate] (G:\dev\cpp\2d\CocosCreator_v0.7.1_win_en\CocosCreator\resources\app.asar\node_modules\async\lib\async.js:913:25)
    at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:374:17)


@pandamicro are we still required to pre-load the assets before loading a new scene?


@pandamicro I have the same problem loading a sprite sheet created with cocos studio v2, the scene is rendered correctly but there is a problem loading the assets db.

[db-task][deep-query] Exception  TypeError: Cannot read property 'assetType' of null
    at i.Tasks.deepQuery (/Applications/
    at /Applications/
    at /Applications/
    at Immediate.q.process [as _onImmediate] (/Applications/
    at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:374:17)


It seems like this bug is generic when when there is some problem importing assets, In my case I solved the problem fixing some errors in my plist (sprite sheet) file.


This looks very promising! I tried to build for Android and it seems like it creates an Eclipse project. I’m guessing Android Studio project will be supported eventually ?


This looks great. Seems to be the environment I was searching for. Just one question: Does it support Typescrit, or will it be supported in the future?



Cocos Creator seems ideal for me as someone experienced in Unity. One of the reasons I had been looking at Cocos was SDKBOX. Does SDKBOX work with Cocos Creator?


I don’t think at this time SDKBOX interfaces with Cocos Creator. However, it does work. SDKBOX is independent of any UI tool that you might use. Let us ask @nite and/or @pabitrapadhy to chime in here as well.


Does the creator support tiled ? tmx files ?


I think you need to configure chrome as the default browser

B. Error when loading the tutorial-blackjack example, other examples working fine .

Are you sure you are using the v0.7 branch of blackjack ?

Yes, but this time, as all dependencies can be deserialized from scene itself, all you need to do is

cc.director.loadScene(sceneName, onLaunched);

Also, we will provide dynamic loading in 1.0

Can you upload the sprite sheet which is causing issue ?

It support coffee script now, not yet Typescript, I’m not sure about the future

It should work correctly, in fact, when you build for native platform, it generates a standard Cocos2d-JS project, so you can add SDKBOX into it with the classic way.

Yes, it will support tilemap in 1.0, in fact our dev version already support it.


The sprite sheet was fixed, the problem was the relative path of the every sprite frame.
Is possible to have “tutorial-blackjack” v 0.7.1?


Hi, I have a quick question. I’m interested in Creator mostly for desktop and mobile web games. I’ve noticed that when exporting for desktop web, it creates a file, that isn’t created in a normal cocos2d-js project. The problem is that the file is pretty big, almost 5MB, and yes, that is much for a web based game. Is there a way to compress the file more than it already is?


+1 for Typescript or ES6 at least (which the same way as coffee script and typescript, needs to be compiled right now).


Try download this branch :

Don’t worry, sourcemap is generated only for debugging purpose, image your debug version runs well but release version crashes or causing issues, it will be very hard to dig out bugs in massive compressed code. The sourcemap help you to mapping the obfuscated js min file to the original files. Refer to

So when you are sure your release version works well, feel free to remove the source map file, in fact it should never be uploaded to your release server.

We do support ES6 via Babel.js


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