Announcing Cocos Creator public beta!

Announcing Cocos Creator public beta!
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We are so excited to announce that Cocos Creator is now in public beta! Our team has worked incredibly hard on this and it shows.

Cocos Creator is a complete package of game development tools and workflow, including a game engine (based on Cocos2d-x), resource management, scene editing, game preview, debug and publish one project to multiple platforms.

For the first time we introduced entity-component structure and data-driven workflow to the cocos2d-x family. With JavaScript, you can scripting your component in no time. The editor and engine extension is also made with JavaScript so you can make games and refine your tool in a single programming language.
Cocos Creator is an provides an innovative, easy to use toolset such as the UI system and Animation editor. The toolset will be expanding continuously and quickly, thanks to the open editor extension system.

You can download Creator and also review the documentation.



Nice. Downloaded in the morning itself as wanted to give it a try in night on what tools are there.
I think it is going on similar lines as Cocos Studio, more like “Only UI editor and Animation Tools”, no physics editor. Is it having same features as Fireball-x editor ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like cocos creator’s logo. :smiley:

What about programming editor? Do we have anything built in Cocos Creator? Still need to check. Just curious to know as you posted.
I think cocosIDE for JS got discontinued because of this being taken as priority. I made one game in cocosIDE and it was pretty good, loved it. Got a pen drive from cocos as a part of gift for game completion and submission of it. :smile:

Hope, cocos creator becomes full mature tool including physics editor which is must. Most professional companies in India, use Unity as their primary game editor as it gives complete end to end game completion flow with pretty much every tool needed.
Wish cocos (and cocos creator) also achieves similar point, so that we’ve professional scope of getting jobs rather than just making personal games. And since cocos2d-x is really good, I am pretty sure, like me, many indie developer(not professional companies/startups though) also must be using it bcoz of many reasons. I have made 3-4 games in Unity, liked the flow, but wanted to stick to cocos2d-x.

Good Luck :innocent:


Yes, we did use Fireball-X as the basis of development.


So far so good. :smile: Liking the debugger tools in general. Similar to Unity as FireBall-x was made with inspiration from unity.

1) Using mac system. Possible Bug. I am not able to add Custom Component from the Menu bar.
See screenshot below.

But I am able to do the same from the “Inspector” panel.

2) Also, editor must allow me to reduce the width of the inspector and other panel below the minimum it has set! My scene editor window is too short
See screenshot below.

I’m having the panels on the left, right and bottom which can’t go below minimum width and height! And my scene editor is too small for productivity. :stuck_out_tongue:

3) Can add keyboard shortcuts for panning/transforming/resizing nodes like we have in Unity using Shift/Ctrl/Cmd etc!

4) What’s Emojis here? Not able to make it work anyhow.

5) Code editor’s auto complete is really fast but it seems to have little problem
I opened the script SceneList.js, went to random line 13, and tried doing

itemComp.g or or itemComp.get

It didn’t show autocomplete until I put


And now when you would make it to itemComp.get or or itemComp.g it will keep showing autocomplete but it again goes away if you remove and put again .(dot)

Interestingly, it also shows autocomplete when you just write “.get” and remove “t” and write again “t”.

Some mapping is breaking, I guess. Plz look into this.


Thanks, let me tag @nantas to help with this.


How does it integrate with Cocos2d-x c++


Currently it is for JavaScript projects.


Is it open source ? can it be extended
Does it support 3d



Yes, via extensions:

for 3D, let me ask the Engineering team what works and what does not yet.


Did a quick Hands On video if anyone is interested. Obviously not massively in-depth for a day old tool! It’s easy to learn and use and quite intuitive.

The lack of physics integration is somewhat shocking however, and a atlas creation tool would be a nice edition.

Oh, also announced this entire project over on /r/gamedev, if anyone wants to jump into that conversation.


Did you notice that you put Cocos Studio and not Creator? :slight_smile: Can you fix it?


The engine framework will be opened source very soon. The extensibility of Cocos Creator have three dimension:

  1. Extending framework (Already ok, adding npm libraries, your own components etc)
  2. Extending editor (Will be open for 1.0)
  3. Extending Asset DB and inspector (A little bit later)

As for 3D, we are going to investigate how to integrate Cocos2d-x 3D module and solutions for refactoring renderer. It won’t be done in a short time, but we are working on it


Oops. Fixed now.


This looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out!!


I still prefer to work on C++ instead of JS.
Is it fine to start using it and convert it to C++ project later on?


Unfortunately, it’s not possible for now, Creator is designed for Javascript only. As you code your components in JS (otherwise they won’t run in the scene view), and it won’t be magically transformed to C++ or Lua, then it’s non sense to convert a creator scene to C++.


Maybe if it grow to be Mature enough, that is open sources and good plugin system
I think it will be possibility to add c++ support . (output ).


I think the layout/content properties should be stored in XML/JSON file so it could be used no matter it is JS or C++


Making it for JS only is a huge mistake. Am I the only one which hates javascript?