animation and background processing stops on keyboard input

animation and background processing stops on keyboard input


Whenever I have keyboard input on Android, the keyboard pops up nicely but the animation and processing going on in the background stops totally.

Researching the topic, there have been suggestions that I instead at AppDelegate.cpp should try:

But as pause() it still halts the program timer, I will be unable to receive network transmissions and/or execute tasks. Is there any way around this?

As a side note, I have also properly added keyboard|keyboardHidden to the configChanges field on the Android manifest file.


In addition to my original question, how much of a performance hit will the application get if the stopAnimation() or pause() calls are removed entirely during applicationDidEnterBackground()?


I have mentioned in my original post that this happens on Android, but apparently it also occurs on the Win32 build.

Any hints?


After migrating/upgrading to Cocos2d-JS-3.0, the issue apparently disappeared. Oh well.