animation.addSpriteFrameWithFile error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getContentScaleFactor' of undefined

i am trying to use animation, i dont have plist file, thus i have to add single images to the animation

    var animation = cc.Animation.create();

//add a sprite frame to this animation
animation.addSpriteFrameWithFile(blade_pics[0]); //here is the error

//create an animate with this animation
var action = cc.Animate.create(animation);

Tell us more about blade_pics and how you made it, etc

location of the images in the res file

var blade_pics = []

//blade_pics.push("res/blade/Blendy 2_00000.png")

var num ="2_00000_0000"

var loc_string = "res/blade/Blendy "

for ( var i=0;i<=30;i++)



        num = num.substring(0,num.length-1)




i also tried using other images that i have used in my sprites,
didnt work, they work for the sprites but not for the animation