Animating and character customization

I am new to all things sprite and animation. Can I use a .csd file in c++ and if so how would the code look if so. Also I was wondering if anyone new of some good tutorials animating and sprite sheets. Lastly I was looking to allow the players in my game to use multiple different hats, armors, and weapons and I’m not sure how I can create a universal animation that would apply to whatever the player was wearing at the time.
Thank you for your time.

Try out spine 2d animation tool. Its a good tool for animations and also has options for skins.

Woah spine 2d looks amazing but I have no money and it seems like cocos studio is very similar. Is there anything like spine 2d for free or any tutorials for cocos studio?

Check DragonBones. But community support is almost zero. You’ll have to do everything on your own.

Dragon bones looks pretty amazing, hopefully I can figure it out, thank you