Animated tile support for TMX tiledmap

Animated tile support for TMX tiledmap

A new TMXTiledmapEx class that supports animated tile of TMX tiledmap in layer-level, written in C++. Animated tiles are still rendered with SpriteBatchNode.

  • This extension provided a class inherited from TMXTiledmap, added support for animated tiles. Since cocos2dx 3.17.2 still not provided that yet, those developers work with TMX tiledmaps may use this as a substitution.
  • I didn’t found any useable animated tile support for cocos2dx in C++, there’s a solution that written in JS for cocos, it seems contains and shows animated tiles in map-level instead of layer-level which it should be, and that makes it can’t use the optimized render method provided by SpriteBatchNode.
  • The current version still has room for optimization. Already had a plan on it.



Wow, that’s nice.
Do you have any example to show us? Maybe some video with a game that uses this extension…

Yes ofcourse. I will upload it soon.

Now theres simple showcases, I’ll provide some showcase with more animated tiles later.

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@DEAGS3000 Out of curiosity, what is the name of the editor you’re using to create the tile map?

It’s calld Tiled, an popular and powerful open-source tilemap editor.

official website:

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That’s good to know, thank you!