Animate float value by action without upadate function

Animate float value by action without upadate function
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Hi all! I want animate float value (int, progress bar … any value) by action, how i can make it without update func?
for example in c++ we have ActionFloat:
auto action = ActionFloat::create(5.0f, 0, 1000, [](float value)
this is great … but how i can use it in JS?


Ohhhh … i was found solution with ActionTween, all is fine with web version, but when i compile on andoid catch this:“Assert failed: target must implement ActionTweenDelegate”. I see posts with this problem and promices about fix last 4 years. SAD :frowning:
By the way, numbers animation really needed in game design… smooth score counter, smooth progress bar, animation change size of panel (scaling will deform all childs).
Yes i can do this with update func, but i see many problems like: setString in every update will dramaticly decrese fps, you cannot use easing easy like with actions and other small bugs and inconveniences.

So, some one have some ideas how to?