Android Studio Setup

Android Studio Setup


Hi guys,

I just ended up moving to Android Studio. More like using command line build instead of AS’ CMake. So still can’t debug native code on Android. I wrote up a blog post here:

I’ll appreciate any feedback. And I hope it helps someone.

– Sumeet

ps my game is in Apple App Store!


That’s great. But I guess, Android Studio, still doesn’t support auto complete, right?


Android Studio will autocomplete for Java source sets for sure. I’ve been using AppCode for macOS for C++ code completion. I think as a community, we’re still far away from Android Studio/C++ support. Thanks for reading!



I have spent some time until :smiley: made debug working.
I’m assuming you get compile thru Android Studio but cant get breakpoint to stop for debug?

If yes that u need to cheage you project settings :slight_smile:
Run->Edit configuration - select your project -> go to tab debugger -> set debuger type hybrid and select proper symbol directory:

for me it was there , after this breakpoint started to work.


Check this out: How to link prebuilt Cocos2D X C++ library to Android Studio project?