Android Studio and cocos2d-x v2.2.6

Android Studio and cocos2d-x v2.2.6
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Hi All,

because of some performance critical reasons I have to use v2.2.6 for my game. Tried some v3 versions like 3.7, 3.11, 3.13.

And the performance is very low. But anyway with v2.2.6 and cricket audio engine everything works great at 60 fps with no lags.

Currently I use Eclipse with ADT and it works great. The only thing I cannot do is remote debugging on device.

In near future it gets more important to use Multi Dexing, so I’m wondering when there will be a version for cocos2d-x? Or can I use the v3.14.1 project and replace the cocos classes?

Is someone working with Android Studio and cocos2dx v2.2.6 or other v2?


I think with latest Android studio it could be possible - but seems no one anymore using 2.2.6 version


yes not many people are using 2.2.6 but I think enough for cocos2dx team to put a download Button on Website under the 3.14.1 download Button.

So do you think there are no conflicts with cocos2dx 2.2.6 and android studio?

It would be great to have an for 226.


I also want this feature as well coz I have many old games build with very stable v2.2.6. Thanks.


after long testing android studio 3.0 beta and older versions I decided to stay with eclipse oxygen and cdt + andmore plugins.

Believe me Android Studio is great IDE but I think it fits not perfect in terms of native development. The c++ support in my opinion is better in eclipse. The editor for java is better than in eclipse but for c++ cdt-eclipse is better. I work with terminal plugin and do all gradle tasks from there.

You just need to configure build.gradle the right way. In cocos2dx home folder and in your folder.

If you can use the newest v3 cocos2d-x version - do it. For me the performance is better with v2.

cocos2dx-3.x.x + Android Studio works great.


Thanks nerbrothers.
In fact, I am using Eclipse + ant for cocos2dx 2.2.6. Recently, some library need updated and require setup in gradle integration. Could you mind share how to config build.gradle on existing cocos2dx project. Thanks.


I’ve sent you a private message and don’t want to post this here again. If you want you can share it and format it better.

Look at your inbox at messages :slight_smile:


Hi Nerbrothers, Could you also send the solution to me ? thanks!


Actually i did some changes to make cocos2d-x 2.2.6 gradle compatible so I was able to run it in android studio: