Android Release still has debug text

After fussing around to get a release build ( I had to upgrade android studio, gradle and the find out what had changed in the resource file locations so my “only copy what I need” scripts stop my APK from becoming 1.2GB ) I get it to run on the android device.

But the FPS and GL verts debug text is still showing. Which makes me thing it is still actually a debug build. It also still has a crashing webview as per Webview Android Doesn't display contents

I’ve set the Build Variants in Android Studio to be “release” both and

if I do a command line build it fails because it runs out of memory due to the large size of the application.

what else needs to be set up to get a true release build?

In your AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishLaunching(), check if you have this line:


If so, set it to false.

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Indeed, seems it is not on an IF DEF as it was in 2.x

Thank you.

Is there anything else one can do to test if cocos2d and the NDK are in release mode?