Android Notification Icon

Android Notification Icon


Somebody knows a good tool for generate android notification icons?
I tried to use this online tool, but when I upload the image I see it as white.
I tried to change DPI, width/height, etc. but nothing works.

I know that Android Studio has a tool for generate them, but I’ve the same problem that I mentioned before. What are the requirements that the image must have to upload?



That’s correct. Notification icons has to be in white color. The Android system will tint it the correct way, which will be defined in the notification object itself. That’s why Android Studio and the mentioned online tool will generate white icons.

You can read more about it in the official documentation.


Hi @mars3142
Are you sure that’s correct?
Despite of in the generator I see a blank image, I copied that image for test a real push notification, and this is the results in a real device:

…in the push notification the image remains a white rectangle.
I want to see the app icon there.
It should be equal to iOS that by default is the app icon. but not, android loves to complicate your life :stuck_out_tongue:


Rectangular notification icons aren’t possible - because it’s has to have one color. You have to find an icon, which has a irregular shape (eg. bell).

PS: Android gives you way more freedom than iOS. Don’t blame the OS, because you aren’t able to handle it :wink:
PPS: And why should it be like iOS. The Android users don’t want to be iOS-users. Work for and not against the operating system.


Ok, but then I’m forced to use a clipart icon?
No clipart has a drawing that represents my app, but if I’ve no alternative …


That’s not 100% true. Maybe you can reduce your current app icon to something, which can be remembered, if you only see the shape of it.


Yes but the problem is convert the image to only one color. Haha. I need a designer for that… unless i’m not knowing some magic tool :wink: