Android - minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion?

Android - minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion?
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  1. Where do we set these values?

I assumed it would be in manifests/AndroidManifest, but they aren’t there… did a search and found them set in multiple locations, and different values. What is the file we should change?

  1. What should these values be?

Looks like minSdkVersion is 10 (in one place it’s 9), but building it I get the warning that the minimum possible is 14, so it builds with that…
But then looking here:
The minimum API level required is 19?

What about targetSdkVersion? I’d like to use the latest, which is 26, but it looks like in the app it’s set to 22. Is there any reason a higher version won’t work? On this post:

it says if you use target sdk 23+ you need to handle on fly permission request in app - what does this mean?



I found a pretty thorough discussion here:

From that, I think this would be the best option as of now: