Android low fps / performance

Android low fps / performance


In Android (i repeat, only in Android) my game doesn’t work with 60fps. The fps go down as I go through the game. Because of this, it gets stuck when playing.

After many testing i discovered that the cause of it is the sound. My game has a background sound, and simple sounds (effects). When I turn off ALL sounds I can play with 60 fps and everything works fine.

I tested in Android 6 and Android 7.
I’m using cocos 2d-x 3.17 and NDK 16.

I read a lot of posts here about this problem and I tested a lot of alternatives, but nothing works. Even I read in various cocos Changelogs versions that this problem was solved, but i’m using the last cocos2dx version and I’m continue with the problem.

I tested using mp3, ogg and wav, but i get the same results.
Anyone can help me?


May be your using SimpleAudioEngine to implement sounds, try with AudioEngine it may helps to resolve this issue.


Amazing! Thanks man!! That solved the problem.