[Android & iOS] Best Lap

[Android & iOS] Best Lap
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Best Lap is a game I made in Flash 10 years ago. The game reached a huge success on that time. Now I’ve converted it easily to Android using Cocos2d-X (soon I will prepare for iOS too). The controls were simplified compared to original game. Now, all you have to do is: accelerate(touch) and brake(release), at any point of the screen. Try to beat your ghost car, lap after lap.

Ask me if you have any questions about how something was implemented:

Game: Best Lap

Have fun.


I’ve updated the game with one more race track, and the Plassion ranking system (https://plassion.com/rank/)


Not even a simple code change was required for the game to run on the iPhone, thanks to Cocos2d-x.

Best Lap iOS
Best Lap Android

Have fun.