[Android Game] Tasty Blue and Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

[Android Game] Tasty Blue and Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

We used Cocos2d-x to port over our existing C++ games to Android. We didn’t use any of Cocos2d’s higher level functionality - we just used it for graphics, sound, user input, and dealing with all the various discrepancies between Android devices. We chose Cocos instead of SDL because there seems to be many more Android games made with it, so we had higher confidence in its stability across Android devices.

It turned out quite well, and all our objectives have been met. We were able to continue using our existing C++ codebase, the performance is good, and the games are stable, with very few crashes.

So thank you to the Cocos team and contributors, I hope that the C++ Cocos2d project continues to get good support. The whole Cocos Creator direction is a bit concerning, and not something that I would ever use, but as it stands right now, Cocos2d-x on Android is really good, cheers!

Here are the games:

Tasty Blue

Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

We’ll soon be porting the original Tasty Planet and Clumsy Cat to Android using Cocos2d-x. Most of the work is already done for these ones since they share code with already released games.


Congrats on the release. Thank you for using our engine!


Congrats! Are they going to be released on iOS as well?


They have actually been out on iOS for a few years now. Though they do not use Cocos on iOS - they use a proprietary C++ engine that doesn’t support Android. They were fairly successful on iOS, so I decided to bring them over to Android, and I used Cocos to do the port.

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