Android Feedback on updating v3 to v4

Hi Cocos Team,

I’ve switched recently to v4, working essentially on Android platform.
Globally it was not a big deal, but here are the few issues I’ve encountered:

  • the clipping on UIScrollView is not working properly on an Android 4.2.2 device (I had to redo a clipping by myself).
  • the loading of a local HTML file in a UIWebView is not working properly on Android (I had to load the file as a string then use the “load string” method).
  • there is an openGL error on Android fixed by some guys but not included in the master, see:
    TexureGL.cpp updateData 207 error
    fix (the error disappears with it, but I didn’t test all the modified objects):
    fix #51 · c4games/engine-x@f36d21c · GitHub

That’s all! Thank you!

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