Android facebook dialog share error

Android facebook dialog share error
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Hello. I can’t use share dialog on facebook plugin.
Some times ago - in february, all works fine.
When you plan upgrade facebook sdk to newer version?
Thank you!


i’ll test it today. thanks for your report.


I test with dialog link / photo on Android , it works . Example:

but the post id is null.


would you plz post your logcat ?


I can’t run sdkbox-sample-facebook, because new Android Sdk can’t compile with ant.
I create new cocos 3.16 project, import sdkbox facebook version, after copy src from sdkbox-sample-facebook and place my facebook staging app id.

inviteFriendsWithInviteIds works with [’’], with [] not works.

Dialog Link - no action, only share failed in logs. no error messages.
Logcat between start dialog and error message - (2.4 KB)

Language of our project is JS


this feature have been deprecated by facebook.


Now i test different version of sdkbox - no effect.

After remove facebook app from phone, i can make share.
May be problem in communication with facebook app.


I tested with facebook lite app on android device.

UP: I reproduce with facebook app on android device.


Ok. Thank you!
I tested with facebook lite app - share dialog works.
Without any facebook app - works.
With facebook app - not works.