[Android] DIE.RUN - Speedrun and Die & Retry Game

Hi everyone !

After two months of work, my game is now finished and can be downloaded on Play Store :
DIE.RUN - Play Store

You can find all information here : Website

There is 30 levels for now. The game has google leaderboards and achievements.
Basically, you have to drag the circle on the triangle, without touching everything else.

The game looks like an Atari 2600 game, but it’s really smooth and fast paced, as you can see in this video : Gameplay video

Screenshots :

At the beginning, it was just a technical demo, made one or two years ago.
But, I took advantage of lockdown (We are in our second lockdown in France, it’ll be over on 15th of december, I’m (almost) free soon ! :rofl: ) and I decided to resume the project and make a “real” game in this particular period.

This is a zero budget game, 200% indie, made by myself only, on my free time. I wanted to make my own game since a long time, it’s a childhood dream.
This is a game about what I like : Speedrun and Die & Retry !

For the technical informations :
It’s made with Cocos2d-x 3.17.1 and i only used SDKBOX as third party tool (For leaderboards and achievements).
I didn’t use Cocos Creator at all, It’s pure C++ and levels are designed with my own tilemap engine.

I Hope you will enjoy it :smiley:. After all, if this game exists, this is because I could find answers here about technical problems. Thank you everyone !

Feedbacks are welcome !

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Wow, what a great story! Many of us share this same dream.