[Android] - Blackjack like never before! Turn base 5 players multiplayer game

Hi All,

i have built using Cocos Creator 2.4.3, a new way to play a blackjack game!
this is the website https://www.fun-21.com/

this is the link to the google play store:

It’s all based on high scaled AWS architecture.

will be great to get your opinion, and if someone would like to collaborate I can offer them my knowledge and a great partner to work it.

Thank you all!

Hi All,

This app is in beta, and I do not get too much response from my active players. I would love to hear from you about what I should do and how!

Thank you in advanced

Congrats !!
What about iOS version? It’s still under construction?


Thanks @tranthor !

IOS actually ready and under reviews. I do have some issue with them as I had in google play/

I utilize the cocos creator and made IOS/ANDROID/ Facebook Instant game/ web game.

I actually very much want to do a version for weChat and wonder if anyone has an opinion on that.

Thank you!

Share iOS link when it’s online!

Did you launched game partially? Its not available for India.

Yes, I have done that at 8 selected countries to check the game mechanism before sending it out to get reviewed.

Do you think I should release it broad wide to everyone?
Anyone have a better strategy when publishing the game?

I am very new to the gaming publishing world. I thought it is better to focus on 8 countries to have better data from Facebook ads and google ads.

If you ever use those services, please share your thought as I just realized that they give you great traffic in the beginning, then it slows down almost to a stop.

@smitpatel88 India is the next country to be approved this week, and I will start commercial there for the open beta.

Hi @smitpatel88

It is available now in India you can see it at:

Best Regards

Can you help me to understand what is this message:

Also if you can tell me if you are able to play from india, i will very much appriciete it, as i have many traffic to store from india but no new users.

Thanks for everything!!!