Android admob and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Android admob and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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Does anyone implemented that and can share working code?


I would, but I’m busy until mid of next week. How important is it for you?

If it’s only for Android, it should be easy to implement in the latest v3.17. The result should be passed down to the C++ world. Right?

It’s mostly the same as my example for runtime permissions: (which I should update as well)


According to (and emails I got) all apps using Admob should have implement this until 25.05.2018.


Just as a sidenote for me. Do you use SDKBox? Did they implement this as well?


I do not use SDKBox. I want to have full control over mine apps.

I am not sure what is currently implemented for SDKBox regarding GDPR but reading e.g. below link

I think SDKBox missing even some key features like popup with question and translations.


In one of an email from AdMob I got info about option to:

Select to serve only non-personalized ads to all users in the EEA, if you wish.

Do you know where can I find it?
How can I serve “non-personalized ads to all users in the EEA” until I will implement/test/integrate “Consent SDK” from ?


All your end-users have the option to get “non-personalized ads”.

In Android, they just have to enter in Settings -> Google -> ads and turn on the option.
(Take a look at:
The same can be done in APPLE, as explained in here:

But if you, as a programmer, want to serve, by default, “non-personalized” Admob ads to your end-users, and you’re not using SDKBOX, then take a look at this comment: Is SDKBOX EU-GDPR compliance ready? by @0mega