Android 7.1 Graphics Issues

Android 7.1 Graphics Issues
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We have a landscape game that works fine on all Android version including Android 7.0. However, on Android 7.1, the game gets confused about orientation and the graphics become broken. Anyone see the same issue for Cocos2D-X (we are running 3.10)


Here is an illustration of the issue:

Got more information from a player: “I found that if my device is locked in portrait orientation then this tends to happen. Even if I unlock the orientation so it can switch to landscape mode and delete it from my background apps it stays like this and I have to uninstall the app to fix it.” Player is using a Google Pixel phone.

In our android manifest we have this defined:



May be this will help you,


Anyone know if this is fixed in Cocos2d-x 3.14? I see in the change log:

[FIX] Android: adapt to Android pixel


Thank you this fixed the issue for our game.