Android 4.4 Sound

Android 4.4 Sound


I’m having problems…

I just download the HTML5 lite and HTML5.full framwork Make a small game and build it to android with cordova.
In the emulator android 7.0 works great, but in the my Android Kitkat 4.4.4 ( Moto G 1 ) the sound doesnt work at all.

First i thougth it was the audio format I tried .ogg .mp3 .wav, but without no luck
I try adding different plugins like cordova-plugin-compat and cordova-plugin-device… but also no luck

last year when i compile the software with a old android sdk version, the game work fine. But it seems that the new Android sdk has some problems.

Does anyone have a similar issue.?? Is there a way to fix that in Android 4.4.4 Webvew. Is a permision needed to play sound in the 4.4.4 webview?

Thanks in advance for your answers