Am facing Problem with building Assets Bundle projects

Hi I working and the assets bundle according to the posts assets bundle needs to decrease the build size but in my project, no changes to both assets bundles, and without the assets bundle the build size looks the same.
to convert the folder to the assets bundle am just using the check box please help me am missing anything here.
please you have any example projects related to the assets bundle share them with me Thank you… :slight_smile:
am using cocos creator 2.4.6 version and am building a Facebook instance build.

Could you show your demo? Have you configured it according to the documentation:

yaa sure (5.4 MB)
Please check this is sample project am build with assets bundle and without assets bundle but no changes in build size.
Am creating a assets bundle like am using check box to tick in folder so it consider a assets bundle and untick the check box in folder it will be common folder after am going for a build.

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you have any demo project please share with me so it’s help to implement Thank you :slight_smile:

Use Asset Bundle may not change build size, it used to minimize the number of resources to be loaded at startup.

Thanks i got it.

One more thing how to load the assets bundle other projects using remote server you have any suggestions or sample project please share with me.

You need to buy a remote server, and follow the doucment to set asset bundle:

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