Alternative to CCVideoPlayer and CCSGVideoPlayer

Alternative to CCVideoPlayer and CCSGVideoPlayer
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Hi Cocos Team, @slackmoehrle,

Currently on web platforms, CCVideoPlayer is implemented by creating a dom video element over the canvas. This posses some limitation such as unable to layers UI built using nodes on top of a video. Would like to suggest an implementation of video based on this example mozilla has given:

With this, video textures can be extracted and rendered similar to how a CCSprite, CCTexture2D animation is done. We can even apply shaders to the video this way. Please consider such implementation.



Thank you. I will pass this along to the Creator team.

Display node over VideoPlayer

Hi @slackmoehrle whats the status on this? can it be done?


I don’t think so, but let us confirm with @jare


Any feedback on this? @slackmoehrle


Thanks, we will implement this feature after 2.0.