Ads & content overlap

Ads & content overlap


I received this email from admob about my app:

Action required : If you have modified your app to be in compliance with our policies or you feel this violation is in error, please visit the AdMob Policy Center (here i saw link of my app in admob and mentioned Ads & Content Overlap as violation ) to view this violation and request a re-review. Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be restricted or disabled in the app listed above.Note that the app listed above is just one example and the same violation may exist on other apps you own. We suggest that you review all your apps for compliance with the AdMob program policies to reduce the likelihood of future warnings.

Please help me to know exactly the violation, and how to fix it!!

link is below

sorry, i have no idea.

If your ads doesn’t overlap with game content on your testing devices it is still could happen for example on devices with a notch (if you don’t account it) or after screen orientation change (if you don’t handle it correctly), etc.

If your ads doesn’t directly overlap game content in one of your apps, they are still could generate Invalid Traffic

Try to check your AdMob earnings. If more than 4-5% of them are deducted as Invalid Traffic you must redesign your app, you need to move your ads away from game interactive objects (buttons, etc.). Otherwise AdMob may suspend or disable your account.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions.
I will check and implement accordingly.

Hi, I checked your game, it is really nice :slight_smile:

The problem is with your bottom banner. It is ok to put banner at the bottom of the screen, but it should be separated in some way from the game. On my phone it doesn’t cover the full width of the screen, so google may say that it overlap the content of the game.

The fastest solution is to add black rectangle behind it (with the full screen width).


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Sounds good.
I will try this way and let you know.


Issue Resolved



Just want to add that using Smart Banners could easily solve issue of covering full width of the screen. AdMob plugin from SDKBox also supports this.

yes, we have smart banners but no Adaptive banners.