Admob proxy NULL

Admob proxy NULL
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I can create a simple Hello World with admob succesfully. Then i try to implement to my game. But, the ads not show. In the “adb logcat” it says “Admob proxy NULL”. I add admob listener too, but no response (no message). I copy the code from “SDKBOX_SAMPLE_ADMOB” and paste to game over scene but still not show ads. Any solution?


we have a check and warning message is AdMob: proxy is null not Admob proxy NULL. Could you plz confirm it ?

Did call sdkbox::PluginAdMob::init(); ?


Can you post the full log from logcat?


Oh yes, sorry.
The error message from logcat is just
“E/AdMob (23854): Admob: proxy is null”
No message about Ads or cocos2dx debug.

I have called sdkbox::PluginAdmob::init() in AppDelegate.cpp
Maybe the error because other scene? I just want to show the ads in gameover scene


plz make sure init is the first call of pluginadmob.


It would be great if we can take a look at your project. Maybe you can PM us the access.


Problem Solved Guys. Thank you for your response

the cause of error is in sdkbok_config.json . is the default sdkbox_config.json can not be used? i just edit the interstial ads . Then i replace from “SDKBOX_SAMPLE_ADMOB” and rewrite the code in interstial ads. and finally succes :smiley:

BTW, when i try to show ads in simple Helloworld.cpp , the ads is showed althought i use default sdkbox_config.json (i rewrite the banner ads code). is the code must not be share to other? or is safe to share my sdkbox_config?


Generally should be fine to share admob config