Admob plugin fails to install


When I try to import admob into one of my cocos2d-x cpp project it fails. I used to have no issues.

As an aside IAP installs fine. Have I broken my android studio installation.

When I poke around the plugins folder all looks good apart from the GoogleUtilities.framework is GoogleUtilities.xcframework which is the error thrown up below.

I’ve tried the ‘delete all plugins folder’ approach, but with no success.

sdkbox --nohelp --alwaysupdate import admob
  _______ ______  _     _ ______   _____  _     _
  |______ |     \ |____/  |_____] |     |  \___/ 
  ______| |_____/ |    \_ |_____] |_____| _/   \_
 Copyright (c) 2016-2020 SDKBOX Inc. v1.4.1.0
 Installation Successful :)
 Please reference the online documentation to finish the integration:
 Installation Successful :)
 #FATAL: Failed to find source file .sdkbox/plugins/sdkbox-admob_v2.7.1.0/plugin/ios/GoogleUtilities.framework
 Installation failed :(
 > Log file = .sdkbox/log/sdkbox-log-2020-08-05-31.sdkbox.temp

Thanks for any pointers…

If follow the advice of @yinjimmy in this post and grabed v2.7.0.0 - easiest guess for an older version - the admob plugin imports successfully.

The contents of the sdkbox-admob_v2.7.1.0/plugin/ios/ folder were updated a few days ago and the contents of the v2.7.0.0 contain the GoogleUtilities.framework not the GoogleUtilities.xcframework

admob plugin have fix this, you can try.

Excellent. Thanks for fixing that so quickly.

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