Admob in iOS implementation

Hi guys ! Does anybody have any ideas about how to integrate Admob ads into cocos2dx on IOS platform ? Apple rejects current implementations , all my questions about issues with UIWebView were left unanswered , sdkbox are in process of EOL ( end of life ) and yet the developers need some way to make money from their applications . What can you recommend ?

are you using Admobs iOS SDK? Get Started  |  iOS  |  Google Developers

I am not sure what you mean under Admob iOS sdk? If it’s google sdk for Admob for iOS platform , then it cannot be used directly in crocus2d-x, since it’s is designed for objective-c or swift code.

You could technically use it if you rename any .m to .mm files, last I knew but I haven’t used objective-c in quite a long time

Hi @slackmoehrle , thank you for your interest in this topic, I tried to implement this solution, and I did manage to push the simplest example with objective-c implementation thru the gates of AppStore , however as soon as I have added cocos code to the project and reference to cocos library , then instantly I got links to UIWebView control in my app binary , and hence Apple has rejected this binary. Not to highlight that this is in general not good and mainstream solution . May be there are guys who have already managed to push thru this issues , and got some viable solution at hand ?

Please refer this post, it has some ideas.

Hi @huanxinyin , thank you for reference. However I am a bit scared to see that it dates back to 2015 year , quite an old date. Back in 2015 it was all much simpler, it was sufficient to use sdkbox, and Apple didn’t reject any binaries , containing UIWebView. I wonder, has anyone successfully integrated Admob using this proposed sonar framework AFTER introduction of Apples new policies ( banning UIWebView ) ?

So it is no an engine support function, I cant help you more, I think the Admob iOS sdk documentation can help you, and it has an example, please try accessing it yourself.

IOS sdk documentation is really helpful as I have applied it on my own purpose.