I am using ADMOB however it is crashing (randomly) when opening real interstitial ads (all test ads and real banner ads work fine).

When I call the ad, I get an EXC_BAD_ACCESS error at 3983 in jsb_opengl_manual.cpp

JSB_GL_CHECK_VOID(glDrawElements((GLenum)p[1], (GLsizei)p[2], (GLenum)p[3], ( const GLvoid*)(intptr_t)p[4]));

I have the following plugins installed:
v2.4.1.1 googleplayservices
v2.4.1.1 sdkboxads
v2.4.1.1 admob
v2.4.1.1 review
v2.4.1.1 iap

I have created a new app with a lone admob advert and that faces the same issue so it’s unlikely to be my application code. Any ideas?


just show intersitital will crash?

can you test our sample project:

or you can share us a project that can reproduce this issue.


Update: Works fine on Android. Also AdColony works. This problem is solely with AdMob on iOS

iOS: In all cases the Admob test units work perfectly however production ads do not. I took some videos to demonstrate the problem. I dropped my Admob Insterstitial ID straight into the sample project and I still had the same problem.

  1. Crashes on loading interactive game
  2. Crashes on 3rd attempt to load an ad
  3. Crashes on 1st attempt to load an ad

Here’s a full xCode output log: