Admob banner ad not appearing in Android but interstitial is ok and both ok in iOS

Admob banner ad not appearing in Android but interstitial is ok and both ok in iOS
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Admob banner ad is not appearing in Android but interstitial ad is appearing. And both banner and interstitial ads are appearing correctly in iOS.

logcat msg:
I/Ads: Ad is not visible. Not refreshing ad.
I/Ads: Scheduling ad refresh 60000 milliseconds from now.

I’m using Cocos2dx 3.13.1 c++ version and latest sdkbox/admob plugin. Please help!


@nite Can you please help me out ?


It says Ad is not visible, maybe a resolution issue?
Also can you try using the config from the sample?


Thanks for your reply.
I figured it out the Admob banner ad stopped working after I tried to implement Leadbolt together. Before, it was ok, I was using smart banner with size 0x0. After I tried to implement Leadbolt ad (interstitial not banner though), Admob banner ad stopped working. Strange!.


How did you solve the issue? Did you remove Leadbolt?


Yes, I removed Leadbolt.


I am reading:

And it says:

Note: If an app tries to load a banner that’s too big for its layout, the SDK won’t display it. Instead, an error message will be written to the log.

How do you go about dealing with space for the banner? Does the banner overlap your game layout? Did you have to add a widget with 50px space from the bottom (or top)?


Yes, I keep a 90px blank space on bottom or top for the banner ad. If you are using smart banner it’s height goes upto 90 px according to the device resolution.


Ok, so you put the widget component on the canvas to do that? And isn’t 90px for tablets? I thought phones would be 50px max.


You seem to be referring to cocos creator but I haven’t used that yet. I use direct engine, in any way you have to make a blank space for the banner. Yes 90px may be for tablets, you can use 50px if you are not targeting the tablets.