Add new node to built in node library

Add new node to built in node library
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First lot of thanks to cc developer team.
Currently I’m working on HTML5 games for Telegram app and I have created 19 games for telegram.
Now I need add a custom node to all these games, I want to add this node as a built in node .Is this possible or not??
Also I know that I can use prefab or asset export/import but I think these two are not clever solution.
For instance : if I use asset export/import solution and I update asset scripts then I must remove imported asset and import the updated asset again for all games projects!!!
So it is clear that add a builtin node in node library is best solution.


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Also I don’t want create npm module, I want to create a node like button, web view and …


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That “Custom Nodes” tab in the editor does tease us so. I too am interested in finding out if it is possible to add my own nodes there.

Also, creating my own Component categories, because choosing my own scripts from “Other” is increasingly annoying the larger the project.


I dont understand what you mean with “built in node”.



This tab strongly implies its possible to add Nodes, Nodes that are custom. Custom Nodes.


Custom nodes is just for current project, I need my custom node in all projects.


This implies you know how to add a node to custom nodes? Because I want to know how and didn’t think this tab worked at all.


It is very simple you need just create a prefab and then drag and drop your prefab to Custom Nodes.


OMG. Thanks. Sometimes the answer is way simpler than one thinks.


Yeah! its good to know. :smiley:




Finally for solving my problem with lots of cc projects, I have create an extension that convert cc project to cc solution, means that all projects integrated in to one project(solution).
This is my extensions.


That sounds sweet! Can you share your extension source code?


This version of extension has some bugs but is very useful, Currently I have’t any time to complete the extension.
When I complete the extension I will create a post to introduce the extension in this forum.


Looking forward to it! Editor loading times for project I’m working on (>15k asset uuids) are slowly becoming a nuisance and it would be great to somehow modularize big project into several smaller ones


This is exactly what I need as well. Would it be possible to create a github repository with your solution and we could all help fix the bugs? :slight_smile:


If I had time, I will do the next week.


@Ronsku @persy
Hi, I have created a topic for cc solution extension that introduced extension and also contains source code.