Add entity component system in cocos2d-x

Add entity component system in cocos2d-x
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We create framework base on ECS.You can watch this video to know :smiley:


@naghekyan no, cocos2d-x doesn’t have ECS today. We can not make sure how much performance will be lost and it will break compatibility.

@genix_developer did you use script language? It is cool that can change the screen in runtime.


No.It write by native.But we write a tool to create data map between editor and framework


With good implementation it should gain performance, not lose.


it is cool


@genix_developer it is open source?


We still develope this framework.We will open source it when it stable :smiley:


@genix_developer wow it’s great to have ECS for cocos2d-x, I have implemented ECS that I wrote on my games as well but I didn’t create an editor for easier implementation. I think it would be a great idea if some people especially lead cocos2d-x team to have access on the RC version, so they can review and/or help with your framework


Some time ago, I used ashley (for libgdx) and this was ported to cpp ->