Add a Text On object

i want to add a text , that will be on top of the object (on its base(white one)) ,
is there any way to achive that??
please let me know ,
Thank you

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Hello @Pheonixdaksh
I think you can just put a text node containg the text component as child node for the object

By following these steps
1.creating a node

  1. Add the label component to the new node from 2D

3.adjust position and other properties

  1. Drag the new node to add as a child node to the object

By doing this the child node will follow it’s parent for the position, rotation And other properties
Hope this helps.

You can use the SpriteRenderer component, available in version 3.6.x, which renders the texture in the 3D scene.

If you think the SpriteRenderer component is not suitable, then you can refer to this demo to create the effect:


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