[Adcolony - SDKBOX] Can't get reward after complete view video ads on version


My system use Adcolony - SDKBOX. It work well with But when i update to the function onAdColonyReward is not work like expected.

I test 2 days with the same client code. Just change the lib config from to -> it work fire. back to it not work again.
(note that i always sync adcolony lib and sdk box with the same revision)

I check in log: no receive any callback onAdColonyReward.

Any one face with the problem like me? Could you help me solve that case?

Tai Hai

I’ll look into this and provide a sample code to you tomorrow.

same problem here!
Doesnt work the callback!

Is there some way to get the i want to try it.

I checked the changing the download link, and yes, this works right. At least, the reward callback.

We have fixed this issue, and will release a new plugin 9/16, if you want the fix now, you can try our nightly build using

sdkbox import adcolony --staging

What about IOS9 support, will 9/16 release will be fully compatible with it?

We tested with Xcode7 sadly cocos2d-x don’t even work with it yet.

whaaaat fck ;/

listener working, thanks again!

Hello Nite,

Any thing new about SDK new release version? We waiting for you to update my game.

Best regards,

We just released 1.2.5 this bug should be fixed.

WHY YOU DO LIKE THIS?:frowning: it’s like working, but not working by default… How do you test installations? Like manual files copy/paste or modifying some files not part of installation and user should somehow understood how it should be configured?

As understood 1.2.5 should support now Android Studio, but then there is gaps or my wishlist:

  1. Make documentation for manual integration of SDKBOX to Android Studio

  2. Adjust build.gradle when adding sdkbox ,add to dependencies gpg automatically when needed:

    compile ‘com.google.android.gms:play-services:7.3.0’

  3. Copy all needed config XML not only to proj.android/res but also into proj.android-stuio/app/res

Thanks for your information.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. The listener is not working, I can see the Ad but I don’t get any event. I’m using v1.2.5.9 adcolony, cocos2d-js 3.7.1. I’ve tested only with the simulator, is there any problem with this?

How can I solve this? Thanks in advance