AdColony Force reload ads if internet gets enabled

Assume the following happens:

  1. game is started WITHOUT internet connection
  2. adcolony gets initialized
  3. internet comes back online later

AdColony doesn’t reload ads. Is there a way to force refresh them?

Are you using SDKBOX?

Yes, the sdkbox::PluginAdColony plugin.

Sometimes when I try to re-init after internet get enabled back I get a “load failed” error for videos.

Also the listener class for sdkbox::PluginAdColony doesn’t work properly: sometimes AdColony plugin will print from some of its internal library code that a video has been loaded but no callback of the sdkbox::PluginAdColony listener gets triggered (I’d expect the OnChange to get triggered).

ok, Thanks. @nite can you take a look at this.

slackmoehrle hey, any news on this?

We need to ask @nite

Here is no a api for reload ads currently. we’ll add one requestAllAds.

Thanks @yinjimmy!

Any ETA on when this will be implemented?

will release on 12/8.

try our staging

sdkbox upgrade --staging

add requestAllAds api


I tried it but it still doesn’t work for me, this is what I do:

  1. Disable internet connection on Android
  2. Init AdColony
  3. Enable internet connection
  4. Now I call the requestAllAds
  5. Doesn’t work, never reloads, video are never ready, no callback is triggered.

I also tried calling the AdColony init function before 4), but it also doesn’t work.
Any suggestions?