AdColony - black screen

AdColony - black screen
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I have problem with AdColony, after watching the ad I get black screen. I don’t have any problems with DEBUG ads, but now I am testing it with real ones. I am able to watch it, but when it’s finished I don’t get applicationWillEnterForeground callback. Problem appears on Android phones. My AdColony version is v2.3.16.1, cocos2d-x 3.15.1. Please help me, I was almost ready do publish my app, but with this bug I can’t do it :tired_face:


Ok, I do more debugs and testing… It looks my Activity is not triggered after closing ad (no call of “onStart” / “onResume”). There is something more… this bug reproduce only when I try press “x” button on ad after it’s end ( When video ad end, it shows image with advertised product. In one of the corners there is a “x” button ). When I press back button on my phone, everything is fine. Do you have similar problems? Maybe I forget about something… I will appreciate any hints!


can you reproduce on sdkbox-sample-adcolony


I have crated new cocos2d-x project (3.15.1) and import AdColony to it. I have cope code from sdkbox-sample-adcolony to newly created project, compile and run. Bug reproduce in 100% :persevere:


I tested with cocos2d-x(3.15.1) + adcolony, work fine.

can you share your project?


Ehh… ok, I rebuild my project with different settings and when I set TARGET_SDK to 15, AdColony works fine. When I build it with SDK 19 or SDK 23 ( I only test on those ), after watching ad I am not able to return game… there is no callback of onAdColonyFinished and android onStart. I reproduce this not only on my game project, but also on newly created cocos2d-x 3.15.1 project! I am compiling under android studio and settings are:

  • compileSdkVersion: 23
  • buildToolsVersion “26.0.0”
  • minSdkVersion 19
  • targetSdkVersion 15 ( or 19 / 23, but ads doesn’t work )

Unfortunately I can’t downgrade my game to SDK 15 ( Developer console doesn’t accept versions with older SDK, even though my game is only in alpha test ). What I am doing wrong? I will appreciate any help!


also tracking issue here